Friday, December 05, 2014

Jasmine Taylor
                                                  Room 10 Hall
                                                   Havelock nth
  Principal Mark Gifkins
  Parkvale school
  Howard street
  Dear Mr Gifkins,

I am here to write about last weeks market day. I love the Idea of marketing and I was wondering if we could do it again next year. It was really fun learning how to market, make boxes , and sell food so I thought it would be good to have a chance to have the amazing experience again.

Also I think everyone enjoyed it, including the parents! The only concern is that rubbish was scattered along in some places because there was not enough bins around the area of the market.

All you would need to do if we could have marketing next year is provide more bins. that way it would be much easier to keep the school clean and tidy.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Explain everything!

Place value! - Explain everything
I explain how to use place value on the app explain everything

Friday, September 19, 2014

Improvement for optimist yachting

Optimist yachting week!

Y A C H T I N G . Pandora pond :) - Jaz                                                                                                                                                         Day 1Monday : I was super, duper  scared because I hadn't done optimist yachting for a long long  time. I got confused on what way to go so I said I wanted to go back. I went with mrs roil. She was funny as and made me feel safe. I rate myself a 2/10 because I’m still scared of optimist yachts, It will hopefully get better so I can do more so yea its pretty good.

Day 2 Tuesday : I didn’t get a yacht on time which was kind of a relief, so I waited until the yacht  race was going to start. Mrs roil put me with jagdip, so we went in. we didn’t catch any wind and didn’t get any pieces of wood so we started to head in. It was fun though so I rate it 7/10  because i got over my fear of going on optimist yachts and crashing into rocks

Day 3 Wednesday : Today It was really cool! The wind was blowing the optimist yachts and the kayaks were capsizing cool right? my mum came so she bought me L&P and a cookie time. I started getting sore on my legs from the sea salt on my scratches so me and emma went back in. we did swap kayaks a few times and also joined them up. I rate my time a 9/10 for the awesome day!

Day 4 Thursday : It was pretty funny when our yacht capsized without us in it! we had to push it back over and head back to shore. Emma got a little scared so we went back to shore quickly. We had a bunch of wing so we stayed in a straight line.

Last day! Friday : Yachting was so cool because I went in with Greta and Bree in the top of their yacht! We made a name for us, Whipping Whales GO! The first boy, second boy, and back to shore. We sure whipped them! we had trouble with getting the centerboard out so we quickly got out and ran to the pole to touch it. We came 1st! what great yachting!!

kayaking, It was pretty fun to be in a single for once this week! I kind of just drifted because I was really tired, I waited up for sophia and emma. But then emma started crying. “Emma! What happened?!” I didn’t know what happened so i just waited. She clicked her neck? but she was holding her head, I didn’t know. I just headed back to shore and that was that.

jasmine yachting.png  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Production diary

Production diary 2014

I arrived at 5.30 at school with mum. I didn’t know where to go so I told mum to go away so she couldn’t embarrass me. I waited until some people that I knew came. I kind of just followed them around until they went to room 5. Of course we get our mokos done there. after that I headed off to room 10. I was pretty nervous because I has never been in a production before. Especially with like 100 people there what If something went wrong?

When we went into room 3 we has to wait for a very…..long…..time…. But then, mr. cottrell said we needed to go on stage now. OMG I was terrified and excited at the same time! Well I got over it. I couldn’t see a thing going up the steps onto the stage. As soon as the song played and we were singing and swinging our poi I talked to myself. “Its not so bad!” And it turns out I like doing productions!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Avatar Narative! Be sure to see everyone elses on their blogs! :)

Avatar- Pandora World
 4.4 Light years away from Earth there is a moon called Pandora.  In Pandora there are many fascinating creatures that live there.  Some are; Direhorse, Hexapods, Winged creatures of the sky and Anoctorus. The locals are called Navis. They are blue and they form with human abilities and the only difference is that they are about 9 feet tall and blue with tales.  They have a sun and a moon just like us. Well the Navi’s actually have three moons.

 Since their Earth is in space, their atmosphere is toxic to humans but not the creatures who belong there. Even though their home is toxic to humans they still try to come to find the Navi’s precious gems and crystals that belong in the deepest caves.  Humans have to use gas masks to breathe. To get away the Navis like to fly on the Banshee, and also thats a way the Navis  like to hunt on the ground however they hunt with the Diahorse, a horse in the Avatar world.  The jewel that the humans are after is Unobtanium. A rare crystal you can't find in our world. The Navis guard the crystals as they don’t want the  humans on their land and taking what doesn’t belong to them.  

In the space station the brave humans create a plan they gather their pickaxes and run into their aircrafts with their gas masks, backpacks, swords and bows, but what was that the humans! the navis  ran to the banshees and bows and flew away to shoot the humans from their aircrafts. Even though they are protected by bulletproof glass, The Navis don’t mind they can swing on the vines of the most humungous trees onto the tops of the aircrafts to shoot arrows. Unfortunately some of the navis died. The humans set fire to pandora and the Navis weren’t strong enough to overtake the humans so they
called for the almighty King And Queen. They found their Diamond And Unobtanium invested swords make with pure iron. Surely that would be able to defeat the humans!

The humans are trying to mine that unobtanium! The navis pick up theirs swords and bows to kill the mean humans. But wow! you should've seen that shot jake shot 2 humans right off their planet! Even though jake was secretly a human. The space station is fighting to find new people to go and get justice for what the navis did.
As more and more intruders came, Jake started to understand that the navis were kind and the humans shouldn't been intruding because how would they like it if the navis intruded the earth. jake woke and told the humans and told them hey heres some unobtanium please don't intrude our country. The Guy jake was talking to. The navis were safe forever. Hooray to jake!!!!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Sarina #1 Cat

  Today we were learning to post vokis onto our blogs :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Awesome Avatar

                                                                My Awesome Avatar!!!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

First Post :D

I'm Jasmine! in this blog I'm showing you what I like to do and some stuff about me!