Friday, July 04, 2014

Avatar Narative! Be sure to see everyone elses on their blogs! :)

Avatar- Pandora World
 4.4 Light years away from Earth there is a moon called Pandora.  In Pandora there are many fascinating creatures that live there.  Some are; Direhorse, Hexapods, Winged creatures of the sky and Anoctorus. The locals are called Navis. They are blue and they form with human abilities and the only difference is that they are about 9 feet tall and blue with tales.  They have a sun and a moon just like us. Well the Navi’s actually have three moons.

 Since their Earth is in space, their atmosphere is toxic to humans but not the creatures who belong there. Even though their home is toxic to humans they still try to come to find the Navi’s precious gems and crystals that belong in the deepest caves.  Humans have to use gas masks to breathe. To get away the Navis like to fly on the Banshee, and also thats a way the Navis  like to hunt on the ground however they hunt with the Diahorse, a horse in the Avatar world.  The jewel that the humans are after is Unobtanium. A rare crystal you can't find in our world. The Navis guard the crystals as they don’t want the  humans on their land and taking what doesn’t belong to them.  

In the space station the brave humans create a plan they gather their pickaxes and run into their aircrafts with their gas masks, backpacks, swords and bows, but what was that the humans! the navis  ran to the banshees and bows and flew away to shoot the humans from their aircrafts. Even though they are protected by bulletproof glass, The Navis don’t mind they can swing on the vines of the most humungous trees onto the tops of the aircrafts to shoot arrows. Unfortunately some of the navis died. The humans set fire to pandora and the Navis weren’t strong enough to overtake the humans so they
called for the almighty King And Queen. They found their Diamond And Unobtanium invested swords make with pure iron. Surely that would be able to defeat the humans!

The humans are trying to mine that unobtanium! The navis pick up theirs swords and bows to kill the mean humans. But wow! you should've seen that shot jake shot 2 humans right off their planet! Even though jake was secretly a human. The space station is fighting to find new people to go and get justice for what the navis did.
As more and more intruders came, Jake started to understand that the navis were kind and the humans shouldn't been intruding because how would they like it if the navis intruded the earth. jake woke and told the humans and told them hey heres some unobtanium please don't intrude our country. The Guy jake was talking to. The navis were safe forever. Hooray to jake!!!!