Friday, September 19, 2014

Improvement for optimist yachting

Optimist yachting week!

Y A C H T I N G . Pandora pond :) - Jaz                                                                                                                                                         Day 1Monday : I was super, duper  scared because I hadn't done optimist yachting for a long long  time. I got confused on what way to go so I said I wanted to go back. I went with mrs roil. She was funny as and made me feel safe. I rate myself a 2/10 because I’m still scared of optimist yachts, It will hopefully get better so I can do more so yea its pretty good.

Day 2 Tuesday : I didn’t get a yacht on time which was kind of a relief, so I waited until the yacht  race was going to start. Mrs roil put me with jagdip, so we went in. we didn’t catch any wind and didn’t get any pieces of wood so we started to head in. It was fun though so I rate it 7/10  because i got over my fear of going on optimist yachts and crashing into rocks

Day 3 Wednesday : Today It was really cool! The wind was blowing the optimist yachts and the kayaks were capsizing cool right? my mum came so she bought me L&P and a cookie time. I started getting sore on my legs from the sea salt on my scratches so me and emma went back in. we did swap kayaks a few times and also joined them up. I rate my time a 9/10 for the awesome day!

Day 4 Thursday : It was pretty funny when our yacht capsized without us in it! we had to push it back over and head back to shore. Emma got a little scared so we went back to shore quickly. We had a bunch of wing so we stayed in a straight line.

Last day! Friday : Yachting was so cool because I went in with Greta and Bree in the top of their yacht! We made a name for us, Whipping Whales GO! The first boy, second boy, and back to shore. We sure whipped them! we had trouble with getting the centerboard out so we quickly got out and ran to the pole to touch it. We came 1st! what great yachting!!

kayaking, It was pretty fun to be in a single for once this week! I kind of just drifted because I was really tired, I waited up for sophia and emma. But then emma started crying. “Emma! What happened?!” I didn’t know what happened so i just waited. She clicked her neck? but she was holding her head, I didn’t know. I just headed back to shore and that was that.

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