Friday, May 22, 2015

Kayaking with ashleigh

Splash! The sound of water filling my ears with excitement as I jump in. Closing my eyes As I go underwater I assume Ashleigh is right next to me. Suddenly I pop up and open my eyes, and yes Ashleigh's right there floating next to me with water dripping down from her face. Then I ask ashleigh, “ Should we jump in again?” Ash replies with a huge “YES!” We rock the kayak back and forward. Then we remember we are both really slippery from the last jump. Flip! Unexpectedly the kayak tips over. “We have capsized!” Blurts ashleigh as she spits out some water. “Yup! And we need to get out before i suffocate under the kayak...” Ash and I tip the kayak to the right way up. “ That… Was … Weird.” I giggle. “Lets get back to shore before I freeze to death”.