Friday, July 31, 2015

Homework - Jazz

For this weeks homework Mr Ford sent us to create and recycle something made out of plastic, so what I decided to do was make a cool little pencil holder out of a plastic bottle as you can see.

As you can tell I have cut the bottom roughly and put little bits and bobs in it. I also stapled a piece of paper onto it showing my name and a few cool shapes and patterns.

By Jazz

Did you know plastic bottles can be recycled into making  poly props?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ghost House - Jasmine & Ella


Rendered Image

Jasmine and Ella were enjoying their day as they stroll past their favorite stores . Jasmines mouth suddenly drops with fear as she gazes at a horrifying dump. Or if you want to use the real word, a house with a scattered garden filled with rusted glass. 

Ella stares up at the stained and disgustingly moldy windowsills with items particularly strange for the houses look on the outside. Jasmine and Ella do paper scissors rock on who knocks first.

it wasn’t a great idea to do that dare ringing doorbells and running away? Not so good... Ella knew it wasn’t going to end well.
Jasmine and Ella both shake as they perform a session of paper scissors rock. One wrong move would send them to a bad position of knocking on the door.

Unexpectedly Ella turned a wrong hand. It was her first time knocking on a old shattered door. Ella nervously shakes as she knocks gently on the door. She runs away as quick as a heartbeat with nothing on her mind but getting out of the situation.

As they turn away they notice a dark face approaching from the door. They crouch behind a fence that had rusty nails poking out of it, And as soon as possible they run away with fear running through their veins...
Rendered Image