Friday, August 07, 2015

Assembly item - Jazz

     Rendered Image
As I gaze out into the crowd I gulp and listen to the sound of my friends speaking with extra confident voices. I was starting to think it was my turn to talk and confusing myself through all the people.

Clapping loudly with bright smiley faces was all I could think about to cheer myself up. More people start doing their part and doing really well, After a little while I notice my legs started to shake.

I looked down to try make them stop that didn’t work, nor did holding onto my legs tightly. Taking slightly nauseous breaths I see my turn is coming up. Ashleigh was the one person before me, and I start to freak out the littlest bit.

Finally I had to stand up. Luke held the microphone and spoke up loudly. In my head my face was going bright red but in real life my face was most probably pale and full of silence.

Now was the time to be confident. I held the microphone up to my chin and admire all the five hundred kids staring up at me. I talked loud and confidently With my lines right in front of me.  It was spectacular to notice that I had overcome my fear. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

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