Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Marshmellow Monster - Jasmine

As scout girl going out and roasting marshmallows in the deep dark woods at midnight is the
last thing you would want to do. I realize I was hungry as I looked down at my tummy as it rumbled like boulders down a hill. I stroll past the cabins and hear slight snoring behind the doors... Its either now or never I say to myself.

I start trodding in wet, sloppy puddles and skipping over stones to the nearest fire. I pull out some leftover squishy marshmallows from my raincoat. As I look for some long tree like twigs next to a small gushing river  I find some in the perfect size.  I stuff marshmallows on my stick and begin roasting it on the flaming fire. Strange noises occur in the howling wind making them sound louder and closer, Maybe I was right.

Ripples in the water appear as I chomp on delicious golden  marshmallows. I turn around to see what it was. There stood a reasonably cute and fluffy monster. It  had an aqua tint to it  after seconds it appeared from the water.But then suddenly changed color to pink. I gasp with fear and pull my twig in front of me just as if it was a light saber or a sword. It gave me the evil eyes as it gazed at me. But wait, it wasn’t staring at me it was staring at my marshmallows.

I take another marshmallow out of my pocket and reach out my arm to give it to the monster.
It turned out that it didn’t bite my hand off, it appreciated what I rewarded it with. It’s evil eyes turned out to be sparkling stars peering at me, and by its body language I could tell it wanted more..
Marshmallow after marshmallow I fed my new monstrous pet. But soon that came to an end and that meant No more MARSHMALLOWS! My pet was furious!

Devil eyes appear in her pupils… That meant danger, and danger meant run. I sprinted as FAST as I could. Breaking past twigs and bushes creating scratches on my arms and legs.

Suddenly he corners be between two pine trees. I remember after roasting that golden marshmallow that I didn’t eat it. He picks me up by my shirt and opens his mouth ready to eat me whole. But just before he did I reached into my pocket to grab out my golden roasted marshmallow and tossed it into his mouth like I had just hit a golf ball into the next hole. He dropped me into muddy puddles while eating the scrumptious marshmallow. While he was distracted I slowly back off  to my campfire to put it out with pond water before it was too late. Who wants to wake up to a burning forest surrounding them? I think to myself .Then back to the camp I ran. Have you ever come across a frightening marshmallow monster?

                                                    By Jasmine

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  1. Nice job Jazzy i love how you added lots of detail and description Keep Up The Awesome Work Friend