Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The show with Alara

Feeling super nauseous I enter the wild world of the gravatron. I stop at the gate and tell Alara that I didn't want to go any further. Not that she cared much, she looks at me and drags me into the ride by my arm.

“It looks like nothing I have ever seen before!” Alara shouts out at me. “Me too!” I reply with a quiet and high pitched voice. But, what are these? Alara explains. “I don't know but I think that's what we are meant to rest our back on for when the ride starts."

A man appears through the gate and goes into the center of the room. I notice there was buttons that were there to control the ride plus strange wires and cords. I held onto Alara as she laughs at me for being petrified. Then I also notice that we aren't alone. There were other people. Great, now if I cry out a river everyone will see me. Luckily I don't think that will ever happen, hopefully.

Uh oh I think to myself as the gate shuts slowly and people start to shake. The ride is about to start. Slowly it starts off.” Haha I actually thought it was going to be bad!” I smile to Alara, but no it was bad. Faster and faster the room spins round. My face was sticking to the wall! It wasn't called the gravatron for nothing that's for sure! I turn around to look at Alara and she was fully upside down! Fun! I think to myself and do the same. I wanted to talk to her and laugh but just as before, my face was numb. All that came out was abwasflekfcm and that must of made Alara feel she had the weirdest friend in the world.

The ride went slower, slower and so slow that it got to the point we had to get up before it was too late to fall on our heads. It stops and me and Alara were officially puffed out, dizzy and more
. But boy was that FUN.

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